This tumblr is dedicated to the one and only Jean Luc Bilodeau.
This amazingly talented actor is on his way up, so watch this space for more. This tumblr will be dedicated to posting and blogging pictures, videos and all the latest news on JL.

He was born on November the 4th, 1990. Before becoming an actor he was a dancer for over 9 years, but then dropped it to be more involved in the film industry.
He has starred in several popular movies and tv shows (16 Wishes, Ill Fated, Trick 'r Treat, Kyle XY) and is set to star in the upcoming LOL.In the future, he plans to write and produce his own films and television shows. He currently lives in Los Angeles, California.

Make sure you keep an eye our for this gorgeous & talened boy because he knows his shizz. ♥

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